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Here We Go A-Wassailing Kit

Here We Go A-Wassailing Kit
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Each Kit Includes:

1 750mL bottle Straight Wheat Whiskey

1 375mL bottle Liquid Alchemist Ginger syrup

1 375mL bottle Liquid Alchemist Apple Spice elixir

1 375mL bottle Sonoma Syrup co. Vanilla Bean syrup

1 50mL bottle Spirit Works "The One" Citrus aromatic bitters

Will also need: butter and lemon juice

Here We Go A-Wassailing

1.5 oz SWD wheat whiskey
3/4oz Fresh Lemon Juice
3/4oz Liquid Alchemist Ginger Syrup
1/2oz Liquid Alchemist Apple Spice Syrup
1/2sleeve (25 drops) SWD “The One” Bitters
1.5oz Boiling water
1/2 Tbsp butter

Pre-heat mug or tea cup by filling with additional hot water, let sit while you make cocktail. To make cocktail blend all ingredients using a drink mixer until emulsified and frothy. Dump pre-heating water before pouring cocktail into a mug or teacup. Garnish with fresh nutmeg.

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